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What Are Deer Antler Velvet Drops?

When it comes to wonder products, one name stands proud in 2014: Deer antler velvet drops. There will be several arguments as to when it was formulated as a supplement and who came up with the idea of marketing this to the public. However, it is a fact that numerous healers in China have been using this for over two thousand years. A great high-quality source is

The Good News

Antler Farms Deer Antler Velvet Drops2It may have been used in China for millennia but it shot to fame when Sports Illustrated featured it in an article they published recently. Because of that, many people wondered if the product is effective or not. And many people wanted to give it a try.

According to several testimonials, the velvet of deer antler can do the following: improve one’s athletic performance (strength, agility and endurance), help with cell growth and repair, boosts one’s immune system, aids in sexual function and helps with mental performance and mood. It even has anti-aging effects.

These are all possible thanks to over two hundred different components and nearly 40 active ingredients found in the velvet of deer antler.

Corroborated by Science

There have been several wonder drugs which came out recently. With the emergence of the internet, it is so easy to market this tablet which can help you lose 20 pounds or that capsule which gets rid of acne in just a few days. It is quite unfortunate that not all those actually live up to its promises.

Deer Antler Velvet drops are very different because every single benefit that it has – from improving athletic performance to boosting one’s immune system – is verified by numerous studies all over the world. New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, Russia and United States are only some of the countries which have delved into the miracle all-natural product that is deer velvet.

A lot of sites on the net today publish these reports for the public to check out. If you want to know all about it, just go online and see for yourself.

The Bad Rep

A lot of new wonder drugs in the market are always faced with scrutiny and criticism. There have been many negative things said about Deer Antler Velvet drops and its derivatives as well.

For instance, it is said to contain IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor which is prohibited by many pharmacologists, medical practitioners and food and drug agencies all over the world. But very recently, the WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency has lifted its ban on this product because it contains just a small amount of the dreaded IGF-1.

Besides that, Deer Antler Velvet drops and other kinds have so many benefits that it’s something which must be shared to the rest of the population.

Don’t take this article or the reviews you have read as the basis for your purchase. Backed by numerous scientific tests and researches with favorable results, you can be assured that this really is effective.

And just for your information, this product comes in different forms: Deer Antler Velvet drops, tablets, capsules and spray.